Great evening fundraising. Packed venue, GREAT food, beautifully decorated venue, 5 star entertainment. Those not attending missed a truly powerful experience.

Goals accomplished - moving and healing forward on those attending AND we raised $$$$ to help out cancer families.

Special thanks to Mr Willie Farrell, Nick Speck and his staff from Barattas and Forte, the Comedians and our amazing volunteers AND the awesome attendees
Table settings for the evening.
Mood set for the evening. Special thanks for Jake Feldman and the crew from BCP LIVE Products, Grimes, Ia for the lighting, sound and production of the night. Special Class touches around the room honoring "The Thin Blue Line"
Evening started with a cancer connection panel discussion with those part of the evening and their loved ones affected or taken by cancer.

 (L-R)  Lou Sipolt - Emcee, Craig & Shirley Phinney CAC, Willie Farrell, Steve "The Round Guy" Pilchen
Willie Farrell and Craig promoting and doing 
"The "Van & Bonnie Show" 
Our Volunteer Corp are AMAZING, Thanks for helping make the experience AWESOME!!!!
Line-up for the evening. Truly Las Vegas quality
A special, special honor for the evening. One week earlier, Willie and Craig made a visit to cancer floor of Powell 3 at Iowa Methodist Hospital to visit some of the cancer patients.  

One of the patients was Abe Pauley, diagnosed with leukemia. Willie spent an hour visiting and talking family history and sports cars with Abe and truly made the afternoon enjoyable for everyone present. 

We made a deal with Abe, his goal was to get healthy enough to come out to the comedy event and our goal was for him to come up on stage and share his story. POWERFUL testimonial by Willie and Abe.

During the evening it was learned, Lou and "Round Guy" and Abe all worked together years ago.