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"Reclaiming Your Life"                                   Contact us for more details.

We will provide your organizations, corporations, seminars,
conference, schools and events with a positive inspirational 
and motivational  presentation on improving your quality of 
living, recharging your energy level and taking back your life.

What is WellBeing Coaching? 

 Cops Against Cancer realized no one should have to go through
 an illness battle alone, but some families do. Cops Against Cancer
 has taken the mission of helping those in need by elevating cancer
 families to a new level of motivation and inspiration after the 

Cops Against Cancer founder, Craig Phinney completed a 425-plus
hour international accreditation and certification course with The
The Institute of Professional Coaching (iPEC), which is one of the 
premier and top rated Life Coaching Institute in the country
and as one of the largest accredited coach training schools in
 the world.

Phinney is specializing with an emphasis on “Quality of living after…(whatever is in your life has thrown at you)” Cops Against Cancer designed the well-being program to accommodate the needs of the clients whether one-on-one, support group or family coaching. This style of coaching motivates, inspires and move a client(s) forward in a process of goal setting, fulfilling dreams and taking the client from a functional lifestyle to an optimal level of living.  

Our group workshop program provides a variety of different topics each to inspire, motivate and challenge the attendee. The challenge is part of the client stepping outside of their safe zone and to “not just settle” and to experience the sense of accomplishment and achievement of goals and ambitions once again.  

Our coaching workshops will be available on a monthly basis via live in person sessions or telephone conferencing for those clients that are home-bound and physically unable to attend, but still wanting socialization with other cancer families. 

Our coaching program assists the client to seize opportunities, achieve clarity, and get a glimpse of their true potential. With Phinney's certification, he provides support and assist others with change, regardless of how “good” or “bad” that change may be perceived. 

There are some transitions such as divorce, losing a job or diagnosed with a serious disease that have obvious loss associated with them. 

However, some others feel like getting married or a promotion or returning to work following a short-term illness should seemingly be gratifying. Because humans are complex, their reactions to change are not always predictable. 

Cops Against Cancer knows the client’s treatment and recovery is a life-changing experience physically and emotionally. Most cancer patients understand what lies ahead, however, patients and families are primarily focusing on the physical aspects of their illness and often dismiss their emotional well-being.

Learning to live as well as they can, for as long as they can requires assistance. This is where our coaching program assists the individuals and families with the transition. 

Here are the Top 10 Most Common Wellbeing Challenges:
1. Stress
2. Low levels of physical energy or fatigue
3. Lack of confidence
4. Lack of accountability
5. Loss of true enjoyment
6. Lack of a cohesive, reasonable, and comprehensive plan for wellbeing
7. Self-sabotage
8. Trouble dealing with distractions
9. Inability to set and reach both short and long term goals
10. Difficulty in getting motivated to eat right, exercise, and do whatever is needed for wellbeing,

Fitness trainers and nutritionists have filled in a few of the gaps. Many people have either tried one (most likely, when things weren’t going well for them), and some regularly work with one. Most of these
Professionals offer valuable services. However, they too can only provide what they know about their area of expertise. That’s a great start, but someone seeking true wellbeing in all areas of life needs more.

So, what’s the one thing that changes everything?

The understanding of, implications for, and ability to control your energy, and the ability to respond to
Whatever challenges arise in your life—this is what’s at the core of achieving your greatest level of wellbeing.

The vast majority of people are simply unaware of why things go well for them one day and not the next.

Rarely, if ever, with the exception of a health crisis, does their level of wellbeing change significantly from day to day or even moment to moment; it's the individual’s energy that is constantly changing. 

These ups and downs often create frustration over sometimes being able to show up and be part of life and other times feeling unable to get off the couch. Simply stated, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally people just don't get from their lives everything that is possible.

Phinney is also certified in COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics based on the concept that everything in life is a performance. How you “show up”— the energy you bring to any situation — impacts the outcome or results you get. By understanding the nature of the energy of performance, it’s possible to take steps to proactively create consistent experiences, as well as make quick adjustments in the moment when things are not optimal. 

Energy is THE key driver and what matters most to people. Without the right type and amount of energy, the ability to show up and be engaged in life is severely limited and, sometimes, simply not possible.

By assisting our clients break through their limiting thoughts and emotional responses, we replace them with supportive, empowering beliefs that lead to powerful and consistent action. Our clients are highly aware of how they think, feel, and act, the stage is set for creating sustainable change. With this awareness, they shift into high performance mode and accomplish greater results while expending less effort.

Cops Against Cancer knows firsthand families experience the fear of the unknown and are focused on their cancer treatments and often forget about their physical & mental well-being. Our mentoring & coaching program provides families peace of mind so they shift their energy on recovery and on their care. Our programs also presents the client a ways to work through their struggles, but also reaffirms and promotes once-lost dreams and goals. 

​Learning to live as well as they can, for as long as they can requires assistance. This is where our coaching program assists the individuals and families with the transition.

Cops Against Cancer is privileged to have Phinney’s years of experience as a law enforcement professional, a victor of cancer and his expertise as a Certified Professional Coach, to help guide, motivate, inspire, and encourage those battling an illness, so they can productively return to normalcy and make a positive difference for their tomorrows.

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