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OCTOBER 09, 2017, @ 10:15 am,  The Polk County Board of Supervisors are pleased to have the opportunity to provide a Community Betterment Grants in the amount of $5,000.00 to the Cops Against Cancer organization. It is our hope that these funds will enable Cops Against Cancer to provide quality services to the citizens of Polk County. Community Betterment Grants are funded from Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino profits. These grants provide another opportunity for the Board of Supervisors to return casino profits to our community.

Craig Phinney, Executive Director and Founder of the Cops Against Cancer organization accepted the grant award from Board Supervisor Steve Van Oort of the Polk County 3rd District.

Phinney, outlines how the funding will be used

To assist cancer patients and their families raise money to cover the cost of treatment, care, and other needs during their cancer journey. Our goal is to purchase a commercial BBQ trailer, commercial food smoker, and mandated commercial food prep equipment, designed exclusively to fundraise and a critical resource for our clients. This trailer will provide fundraising meals for cancer families seeking financial assistance from our organization. 

Our team responds by preparing a fundraising dinner in connection with a community hall, VFW, or church. We assist the client with the marketing and coordinating their event. Proceeds cover the initial minimal catering expenses (<$500.00) of the Cops Against Cancer organization & remaining proceeds goes directly to the cancer family. This project will not affect other cancer clients requests, who are requesting lesser amounts of assistance. 

Based on our estimates, we can help four additional families a month or additional $15,000 in funding, and generate an estimated $135,000 in additional client funding each year. We provide our clients a low-cost alternative and a huge return on their financial request. This pivotal resource is similar to a Habit for Humanity trailer or Food Banks of Iowa pantry truck.  

The ideal fundraiser is a cancer family contacting Cops Against Cancer for financial assistance with a request of more than $1,000.00. At present, we provide financial and resource assistance to a client’s financial request. This dollar amount our clients receive is dependent if there is funding available to finance the client’s request. The past two years, our organization has suspended client funding due to depleted funds. The demand for assistance was more than the availability of funds. 

At this time, we are seeking investors  and writing specific financial grants for this project. At present, we’ve raised $26,000.00 of the $59,000 project total. Some of the largest donations to date came from the Des Moines Police Protection and Burial Association for $7,500.00, Polk County Sheriff's Office & Explorer Post - $6,600.00, Iowa State Police Officer's Council - $5,000.00, and several small donations. Our organization would like to see other departments become involved in helping cancer families in their community by donating as much as the Police Unions, Police Benevolent or Associations can afford. We’d like to see your department’s shield/logo on the side of the trailer showing the state your support to fight against cancer.

Finally, we are also working with law enforcement agencies from across the State of Iowa on a two-tier project. The purpose of this collaboration is to build a stronger alliance with the departments and cancer families in their communities. This partnership would create eight “districts” across the state, with a law enforcement representative appointed by the Cops Against Cancer organization in each of the eight districts. The representative is the promoter, organizer, and liaison between the individual agencies in those districts and the Cops Against Cancer organization. 

This two-tier project will involve:
An agency and their community hosting a BBQ fundraiser to showcase not only the organization but the partnership between the agency and the cancer community within their respected jurisdictions. Proceeds from these events benefit the Cops Against Cancer Client Care programs. 

Departments are receiving training from our organization in promoting our organization in their communities identifying and informing potential clients in their communities. 

Departments are screening potential clients to identify specific needs and forward the information onto our organization for additional review. The departments also play a critical role in personally making the direct donation contact in delivering of our resources and assistance to the client.

If interested in sponsorship for this project, please contact 
Executive Director Craig A. Phinney, directly at (515) 783 - 9833